Musical Shorts #5

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Composed by
Amos Elkana
Performed by
electric bass guitar, electric guitar
With electronics
1 minute

This 1 minute composition is written for 2 guitars, bass, djembe and computer electronics.
There are 7 bars that loop indefinitely. Each one has a different number of beats in it:

‖: 7 | 3 | 3 | 4 | 3 | 7 | 3 :‖

This series of numbers act as a fractal and they determine the structure of the whole piece.

The pitch material comes from an 12 note tone row:

B, D, G, F♯, C, G♯, A, C♯, F, E♭, B♭, E

Instruments used: Parker fly, PRS Hollowbody II and Ibanez bass all through Line 6 Helix.
The electronic sounds were generated with Pure-Data.