Laconic Pentatonic

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Composed by
Amos Elkana
alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
With electronics
Work premiered
September 2010
Venue of the premiere
Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv-Yafo (Israel)
6 minutes

In 2018 I had an inspiring recording session of my 3rd saxophone quartet "Laconic Pentatonic" with the fantastic Tel Aviv Saxophone Quartet - רביעיית הסקסופונים של תל אביב. After the session was over we still had half an hour to spare in the recording studio so I suggested they improvise freely on the first theme. I asked them to improvise in a style that is to them somewhere between Coltrane and Lachenmann and I asked Yaron Aldema to continue recording the whole time. I was so happy with the result that I added it as an integral part of the work. Enjoy.