Du aber bist der Baum | for solo cello (2022)

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With electronics
Work premiered
February 2022
Venue of the premiere
Conservatorio di Musica "Giuseppe Verdi", Milano (Italy)
13 minutes

"Du aber bist der Baum" by Gaia Aloisi was written in 2022 and represents a turning point in the composer's artistic journey. The piece pays homage to poet Rainer Maria Rilke's Annunciation, and, in particular, to the idea of roots: just as Rilke investigates the concept of motherhood, the cello explores different sound images across the three sections. In fact, each of them recalls the concept of vocality in different ways: from the glissandi dampened by the metal mute to the "faraway chorus" of natural harmonics, to arrive at the conclusion full of rough and serious sounds, "Du aber bist der Baum" exploits the incredible potential of the cello in an emotional and imaginative journey.


Gaia Aloisi is a composer from Cagliari, Sardinia (IT).