Strappi svelano scorci

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Composed by
bass clarinet, cello, clarinet, flute, percussion, piano, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
October 2022
8 minutes

This Sextet was premiered for the Novalis Concept Festival (2022)by Synchronos Ensemble. Won the II prize New Music Generation 2022. Strappi svelano scorci is the result of an intersect of paths on different instances of composing, of perceiving time both in the service of sound and in the service of events, of constructing a form that is not two-dimensional but multi-perspective, of relating to a phenomenology in which fragmentariness and continuity collide, blurring. All of this while sticking with certain elements that have connoted my music for some work now: obsessiveness in the reiteration of well-characterized figures and gestures; the interest in a pulsed and not simply smooth rhythm; the exploration of instrumental situations in which two or three simultaneous actions.