I move my first steps as a trumpeter, getting a classical trumpet degree in 2015 in the G. Verdi Conservatory of Milan, but at the same time I began to study composition and continued as a composer, getting my Bachelor Degree in 2021, always in Milan. A brief period of studying lyric singing (3 years) gave me a clear perception of the problematic issue of writing for voice today, while the interest in the Jazz music as trumpeter gave me a knowledge of extended harmony.

2023 Festival 5 Giornate di Milano with album release; 2022 Winner of II prize ICIT 2022; INT-ACT Festival - TMAO; 2022 Festival del Melologo di Como;  2023 Divertimento Ensemble Composition workshop for percussion (with forthcoming work commission and premiere); 2022-23 course Analisi e composizione – Fondazione Piseri, held by G.C.Taccani (with forthcoming work commission and premiere); Winner of II prize-chamber music of New Music Generation competition 2022; Winner of DYCE call for composers 2022 and commission for a new Solo instrument piece; INT-ACT Festival and TMAO 2022 (with work commission and premiere); Selected for reMusik.org 2022 (with work commission and premiere); Selected for Mixtur Festival 2022 (with work commission and premiere); Participation to Dante 2022-Sconfinarte with score publishing and album release; Selected for Yarn Wire 2022 (not attended due to overlapping of commitments); Novalis concept festival 2022 (with work commission and premiere); 2021 Album release, commission from saxophonist Daniel Kientzy (with work commission and premiere); Winner of the 2021 IEMA Hans Zender Academy Frankfurt Call for scores IEMA – (with work commission and premiere); Selected for 2022 Divertimento Ensemble Composition workshop for prepared piano (with work commission and premiere); Selected by Salvatore Sciarrino for his Masterclass with mdi Ensemble(2021); Selected for the Solo cello composition workshop held by Francesco Dillon; "Rocca dei Bentivoglio"context; III prize (second non assigned) in the chamber music division at the "Concorso di Composizione Egidio Carella" - Fondazione Val Tidone (2021); Selected for the Barcelona Modern Annual Composition Masterclass held by Francesco Filidei and Oscar Bianchi (with work commission and premiere ,2021); I Prize "Giuseppe Cantone" ad the X International Music Competition AMIGDALA 2021

Actually, I'm attending the composition Master at G. Verdi Conservatory in the class of Gabriele Manca, but at the same time I’m taking part to a lot of professional experience, as IEMA 2021, DYCE 2022,  Divertimento Ensemble workshop on prepared piano 2022, Rondò 2022, reMusik.org 2022, Novalis Concept 2022 , Mixtur Festival 2022, INT-ACT Festival and TMAO 2022, ICIT II prize, Festival del Melologo di Como, Festival 5 Giornate di Milano (forthcoming), Rondò 2023 (forthcoming), Salvatore Sciarrino Composition Masterclass with mdi ensemble (12/2021), Barcelona Modern Ensemble 2021, Workshop with Francesco Dillon (2021), with Michele Marco Rossi(2022), album release commissioned by with Daniel Kientzy (2022), Egidio Carella composition Prize (2021), Giuseppe Cantone I prize (2021) and a lot of masterclasses held by Francesco Filidei, Oscar Bianchi, Dmitri Kourliandski, Francesca Verunelli, Unsuk Chin, Marco Stroppa, Klaus Lang, Alberto Posadas, J.M. Lopez Lopez, George Benjamin, Vladimir Tarnopolski, David Nunez and many others.

My latest works are all united by research into three concepts of composing sound, structuring perception and managing actions:
1) The concept of polyphony of action, i.e., the simultaneous presence of several (three, four, five and even more) instrumental actions in a single instrument, which gives rise to a sound texture in which the sound of a single instrument reveals within it a multiplicity of related sound states. Understood in this sense, the sound emitted by a single instrument becomes not only unstable and unpredictable but becomes a collection of partial sounds that combine to form a multi-layered multi-sound. A multi-sound produced by several dynamic states within it, the result of several simultaneous gestural, manual, digital and emission activities. These activities can often conflict with each other, enhancing, annihilating, or giving rise to interference phenomena.
2) The relationship between continuity and discontinuity, under every parameter, and thus the questioning of what is meant by timbral continuity (or discontinuity), but also what is meant by gestural or harmonic continuity, or what is meant by perceptual continuity. Does discontinuity saturate time (making it heavier) better than continuity? Perhaps, but why? Are there techniques and instrumental actions that have a profound continuity inherent in them, and others that unfold better in discontinuity? Is it possible to make the listener's perception split and perceive continuity in discontinuity or vice versa? These are just a few of the innumerable questions that arise when questioning this relationship.
3) A strong irrational and improvisational component in which the syntax is inhabited by gestures with often physical and obsessive connotations. The formal structures I use are always very clear, even if within them they host hyper-layered sound and gestural activities, in which paradoxically the intention of clarity for the listener is what guides the entire compositional process, despite the complexity Clarity and complexity, involvement of the body, obsessive connotations, continuity in the macro-form but profound discontinuity in the local and micro-form, are just some of the characteristics of my music, in constant confirmation and escape from itself.

My music has been performed in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Usa, Russia, Croatia and Thailand by IEMA Ensemble, Divertimento Ensemble, Barcelona Modern Ensemble, Tacet(i) Ensemble, Synchronos Ensemble, Vacuum Quartet, Glass Clouds Ensemble, Daniel Kientzy, Francesco Dillon, Maria Grazia Bellocchio and many others. Next projects include a new flute solo piece commissioned by DYCE 2022, a new solo bassoon piece within a research project of Conservatorio G. Verdi of Milano, a new solo percussion piece commissioned by Rondò 2023, a new chamber music piece for AltreVoci Ensemble, a new chamber piece for the [Switch~ Ensemble] within June in Buffalo context and a new chamber brass piece for the Stockholm Chamber Brass Academy.

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