Interactions | excerpt from first mouvement - Meet - Approach

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Composed by
Ângela da Ponte
accordion, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, cello, contrabass, flute, oboe, percussion, piano, trumpet, viola, violin
With electronics
Real-time interaction
Work premiered
August 2021
Venue of the premiere
Sendesaal Bremen, Bremen (Germany)
10 minutes

Commissioned by Vertixe Sonora (ES) and Ensemble New Babylon (DE), Interactions explores the idea of human interaction in a blind date and the odds of finding a connection with someone. The piece is divided in two movements: Meet-Approach and Looking-Unveiling. Also, I was very interested in exploring tension and energy that could be condensed and expressed using small intensity of dynamics that could relate to what human’s experience when being overwhelmed with feelings, but externally appear to be tranquil.

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