Odyssey Y

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Composed by
Mathis Saunier
string quartet
With electronics
Music and...
Computer assisted composition
Work premiered
September 2022
Venue of the premiere
Musica Festival, Strasbourg (France)
60 minutes

Odyssey Y is a piece based on interactivity between the audience and the musicians through a mobile app. At different stages of the piece, the app questions the audience about the evolution of the piece and of the story. The audience is faced with a vote on their mobile, offering two possibilities, with a time limit to vote which triggers their instinct. Once the votes are gathered, the musicians receive the musical parts that correspond to the choices of the audience and perform this until the next crossroads. The first crossroad of the piece focuses on musical intention, but the piece evolves to explore psychological aspects of the process of decision making and dilemmas, pushed to their extreme logic in an uncompromising universe.

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