Transformation No. 1, III. Crossing

Composed by
Performed by
With electronics
Work premiered
May 2019
Venue of the premiere
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürich (Switzerland)
5 minutes

As the name implies, Crossing presents the substantiated theme interwoven with new compositional and playing techniques - an actual crossing of two hands by the guitarist is necessary for its performance. Starting out with the fundamental layer of the piece, a nearly uniform sound materializes in the repetition of the exact same note in slightly different timbres.

As the movement progresses, colors, voices and dynamics of an extensive range accrue, following an increased complexity in those metrics, and whenever the cascading build-up climactically disembogues, the continuation crops up, transformed. Crossing the point of such a culmination for a third time, the second movement’s first theme returns, only to dissolve again.

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