Dominik Fähnrich was born to a family with musical background, started to play guitar at the age of 8.
While attending high school, he discovered the infinite possibilities of individual expression in arranging and composition, two activities, which established themselves as constant components of his life. To broaden his horizon, Dominik later took on the challenge to learn electric guitar and piano.
As a consequence of the decision to follow a musician’s career path, a lot of value was set on acquiring a wide ranging knowledge and a multitude of musical prowess - from singing lessons in jazz and pop, to a variety of performances in rock and pop.
Starting with the studies of classical guitar with professor Anders Miolin at the University of Arts in Zurich, a phase of specialisation on the music of the old masters began, the baroque era in the centre of attention, albeit not impeding his attainment of a stylistically extensive repertoire. Soon, performances with guitar, violin, or as part of orchestras followed, in which his own musical works were played on numerous occasions.
During his Master studies, his focus shifted more and more towards composition as his second focal point, in addition to his studies of jazz on electric guitar, not allowing to neglect his development of musical diversity. During this time period, he initiated the realization of his first large-scale project “Transformations”, containing exclusively own compositions and spanning over 20 months of time.