Andante Luminoso III per Quartetto d'archi (2020)

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Composed by
string quartet
With electronics
Work premiered
August 2020
14 minutes

Sunghyun Lee - Andante Luminoso III per Quartetto d'archi (2020)

Sunghyun Lee (B.1995)

Composer : Sunghyun Lee

Performed by Ensemble TIMF, South Korea

Performed at Concert Hall, Daegu Concert House

I've been writing about night and light.
This is my 8th work written with thoughts and illusions about light.

Particularly In this piece, I wanted to use small melodies in extreme high registers, with limited pitch materials and fixed overtones, also with simple and transparent harmonies.

The overall sound world mainly goes back and forth between noise and clear pitches. I expect the harmonies and small melodies that occur briefly between them, could create a unique lyricism.