How to draw the human figure, 1. an anatomical approach

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Composed by
Edo Frenkel
percussion, prepared piano
With electronics
Music and...
Work premiered
April 2015
Venue of the premiere
Narloch Piano Studio, Chicago (United States)
5 minutes

 How to draw the human figure 1. an anatomical approach is an extended metaphor for the altering of the self, through literal means (ex: through surgery, altering the anatomy) or metaphorical means. It is a presentation of the inevitable conforming to accepted social behaviors and culture, or through imposition of self on self, others on self.  

The piece is a ballet. The video references our current voyeuristic culture, the nature of technology. The dramatic flow of the piece culminates in the outer self reaching to connect with their now alien inner self, and just when it appears contact can be made, the inner self, withdraws. The contact is now broke with the removing another piece of the “selves” in its withdrawal.