Matheus Souza (b. 1997) is a composer, improviser and performer from Rio (Brazil). His musical practice is focused on the field of electroacoustic music by carrying out live electronics, acousmatic, and mixed music pieces. In his artistic process he aims to develop dynamic and powerful yet elegant works. As an electronic musician, he performs on a set made up of a Buchla Easel Command and a laptop (Max or VCV Rack), searching for a balance between analogue and digital interfaces.

Holding a Bachelors degree in Music from Instituto Villa-Lobos - UNIRIO, he currently pursues a Masters degree in Contemporary Performance and Composition at the CNSMD de Lyon, under supervision of Michele Tadini and Jean Geoffroy. During the same Masters studies, as an Erasmus+ student at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, he was guided in Contemporary Composition by Helena Tulve and he was an active student in a masterclass taught by Chaya Czernowin.

In the role of an artistic researcher, he focus his studies on both fields of Theory and Analysis of Electroacoustic Music and on Composition and Performance on Modular Electronic Instruments. In his Master Thesis he carries out an investigation on an interdisciplinary relationship between the theory and analysis of electroacoustic music and philosophy via three concepts: the Praxis according to Paulo Freire, the Semiotic Tripartite Theory by Jean Molino and Jean-Jacques Nattiez, and the Combination of Aural and Mimetic discourses by Simon Emmerson. The studies presented in this dissertation are implemented in his live electronic music work "Tekoha".

In March 2024, Matheus Souza was in an Artistic in Residency in Erica Synths HQ, in Riga, Latvia. In the residency he worked on some of their modular systems such as their Erica Synths system and their DIY Buchla 200. He investigated relationships between the Buchla and Erica Synths, that resulted in a new live electronics piece and several recordings of free-improvisations. On March 28th, 2024, Matheus Souza performed "Plasma" at Erica Synths Garage, as a restitution of the residency.

His debut album titled "Terra" was released on Bandcamp on November 2023. It is made up of a a 34-minute solo work in two parts, recorded and performed by himself in one take, each part. The work was composed by Matheus Souza for the Buchla 200/200e system from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm.

He contributed as a composer-performer to the Buchlaïsms series, produced by the electronic music platform "Modulisme" by Philippe Petit. For that he composed a 15' acousmatic work having as sound source his Buchla 208c processed via a Max/MSP patch he programmed. In this series, more then 100 electronic musicians pay tribute to the anniversaries of the Buchla 100 and Buchla Music Easel, released in 1963 and 1973, respectively.