Sabina Covarrubias, PhD (1977-) is a composer, multimedia artist, and a researcher in the field of computer music. She is also a postdoctoral researcher and creative-programmer at IRCAM as part of the Music Representations team.

Her works encompass a wide array of genres, such as visual music, electroacoustic music, "musique mixte" , experimental electronic music, symphonic. Covarrubias performs live visual music using analog and modular synthesizers, voice processors , and real-time generative video engines. Covarrubias creates the software which she uses to perform. Her works of visual music and performances of live visuals have been shown in highly renowned concert halls and festivals such as : Vision'R festival in Paris, France, Sonica Festival in Scotland UK, Tate Modern Museum in London UK, Saturnalia Festival in Milano, Italy, Keroxen Festival in Tenerife , Mercat de Musica Viva in Barcelona, Improtech in Uzeste, France, Performing Media festival at Indiana University, USA, Festival de l'Imaginaire in Paris, France; among others.

Covarrubias received a PhD degree in Aesthetics, Science and Technology of the Arts from the University of Paris 8. She earned a Master’s degree in Musicology, Creation, and Society in 2010 from the University of Paris 8 (France), where she specialised in Computer-assisted composition and Ethnomusicology. In 2016 she received a Bachelor of Music Composition degree in 2006 from the National School of Music at the UNAM in Mexico City. She holds the MAX certification, advanced level from IRCAM. Since 2009 she has attended numerous workshops and residencies at the IRCAM, Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, including “Design Sonore”, “Techniques de Synthèse avec MAX MSP”, "Jitter", "Max for Live ", "CAO dans Max avec la librairie bach", “Audiosculpt”, “Spatialisateur”, among others. Sabina has also studied and trained to program with languages such as Java and C++, among others, at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico. She studied "Mastering Techniques" at Berklee Music College.