Jul 26, 2021

Festival Mixtur's first ULYSSES edition

One of the new members of the ULYSSES Network, Festival Mixtur in Barcelona presents many interesting ULYSSES projects during its next edition in October 21.

Besides the students' concert of voice and clarinet workshop with Elena Perales and Riccardo Acciarino you can catch the ULYSSES Ensemble after their sessions at IRCAM and Royaumont.

Festival Mixtur has the pleasure to invite Beat Furrer in his dual role of composer and conductor. The young musicians from Ulysses Ensemble during their stay in Barcelona will have the opportunity to work on Furrer’s music, conducted by himself, as well as other pieces from the contemporary repertoire.


Ulysses ensemble


Mixtur Festival opens its doors to students and primary school teachers to approach contemporary music.

Children of this stage attend a rehearsal in which, in addition to listening to the interpretation of the works, they interact with the performers and/or the composer.

Teachers receive sound materials and didactic proposals to prepare for the rehearsal. During the preparation period, children engage in listening, analysis and sound experimentation. At the same time, questions are raised which are then discussed with the performers and/or the composer.

The Schools Castella, El Sagrer and Sant Felip Neri participate in this edition. Kebyart Ensemble participates in the school project but has also a concert with the commission of the Mixtur Festival to Maria de Alvear together with the miniatures written by the students of the composition workshop.


Kebyart ensemblePhoto: IGOR STUDIO

Concert of Vertixe Sonora with the new work by Vitali Karagkezidis is described as following:

"We planned an event with the rigorous form of the game, halfway between the happening, the theme party and the meeting between friends, in which we did not forget to invite nine composers of various generations and nationalities. The motto is clear: brevity. They will be short scores for various instrumental combinations with a maximum duration of three minutes. As there are exceptions in any rule, we will find two caveats. And a certain boisterous interactivity that blurs the boundaries between social event and artistic practice. With great affection we organize this tribute to our dear Josep María Mestres Quadreny, cheerful emancipator of so many ties, master of visual music and extra-disciplined, wise with intensely blue eyes. Connecting the present with an era of avant-garde and freedom that we feel so close, in which the appearance of musical electronics converges -founds the Phonos Laboratory in 1973-, the arrival of the first computers, the introduction of musical actions or the spontaneous participation of the public. Human history of friendships, complicities and affections that closes one of the most productive aesthetic and conceptual periods of Catalan creation."




Festival Mixtur and ULYSSES Network hope you enjoy the concerts 30.9.-10.10.2021!

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