Fifteen Minutes of Fame Featuring Stas Venglevski


Submission period

Fri Nov 4 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Sun Jan 1, 2023 at 03:59AM UTC

Results date

Tue Feb 28, 2023 at 05PM UTC

Fifteen Minutes of Fame Featuring Stas Venglevski
Vox Novus is calling for one-minute pieces composed for solo bayan (free-bass accordion).

Selected works will be premiered in June of 2023 on Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame featuring bayanist Stas Venglevski. This performance will be presented as a live streaming online concert online via Streamyard broadcast to multiple streaming platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.

Only works one-minute in length for bayan will be considered.

For this Fifteen-Minutes-of-Fame, we are looking for solo bayan works (no electronics) specifically written for Stas Venglevski.

About the Bayan:
The Bayan is an accordion that was developed in Russia in the very late nineteenth century. It features a button arrangement for the both hands (instead of the keyboard and buttons arrangement on most Western accordions), offering a wider range. It shines its best in the classic repertoire, often giving a sound akin to a large pipe organ.

Stas' bayan includes a bass converter for either 120-bass Stradella arrangement (the bass-and-chords arrangement associated with accordion) or 55 free bass arrangement, allowing several octaves of individual pitches. The notated range of the right hand is from the G (bottom line of the bass clef) to the c# five ledger lines above the treble staff. The range of the left hand is from E (bottom sounding note of a string bass) to the a# one ledger line above the treble staff.

Stas' bayan has four banks of reeds, in the form of a bassoon (sounding an octave lower), two clarinets (sounding at pitch) and a piccolo (sounding an octave higher). Each of these sets of reeds can be used individually or combined with any other set or sets of reeds. For more information on the notation of registers/switches on accordion, see:

For an example of Stas putting his instrument through its paces:

Deadline for works is December 31st, 2022
Works are for bayan solo only. (no electronics)
No works over one minute (60 seconds) will be reviewed.
Works should be composed specifically for this call and performer.
All pieces must be premieres.
Multiple submissions are not accepted. Send your best work!
Works need to be submitted online at

Details are available at web pages: