Julia Pajot is an multi-award winning concert and film composer researcher. Her extensive project SOUND POINTILLISM (painting and thermodynamics) connects light and sound with particle motion in a visual and tactile composition and instrumental sound design with "spatial orchestration”, developing sound artist Gary Bourgeois’ immersing orchestral layout. Her most complete work on this project is her SYMPHONY n2.
An extensive repertoire of around 70 works for solos to orchestra, her music is lyrical, expressionist and pictorial, and follow her thought "Music is sonic creation and organization, its design and structure, in an abstract, emotional, or narrative way.”
A former prodigy, she is a pianist and dark dramatic/coloratura soprano with large tessitura, a mix of Maria Callas, counter-tenor, and soul voice.
With a composition Master from London RAM, she earned awards as “emerging pictorial and film composer”, and most concert and film works spanning over a decade.
Member of several American cinema organizations, she votes for Spirit and Annie awards, and was a judge on Annie Awards 2017 music committee.