The Exploratory: Venice New Music Courses

Venice from 24 to 31 July 2023


Submission period

Wed Mar 22 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Thu Jun 1 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Thu Jun 15 at 04PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Registration fee 500 €
24-31 July 2023
Fondazione Giorgio Cini – Conservatorio “Benedetto Marcello”, Venice

Call for applications for 10 singers, 10 brass, 10 woods, 10 strings, 10 percussionists, 10 pianists and 8 composers

Application deadline: 1 June 2023

Artistic Director: Nicholas Isherwood

The title of this masterclass derives from a statement by Karlheinz Stockhausen: 'The problem with music education is that we have conservatories, but we need exploratories'. The concept of exploration will guide the event in all its components: instrumental and vocal sound production, group interaction, notation, and the scenic aspects of music making.

All participants will have the opportunity to study the many forms of improvisation, from Fabbriciani's historical work with Nono to improvisation in jazz. There will be guided improvisations from the contemporary repertoire, improvisations starting from a structure and freer improvisations. The problems of musical improvisation have been dealt with in conferences and publications of the Institute for Music.

Musical Theatre
Learning to play by moving is a widespread technique that is little taught. All the teachers have been involved in opera productions and Isherwood has experience of directing which has taken him to theatres around the world. Each lecturer will bring his or her own unique and personal experience of musical theatre. Neuwirth is one of the most important opera composers of his generation. The subject of experimental musical theatre has been treated in conferences and publications of the Institute for Music.

Composer-performers can study the instrument with the relevant teacher and attend the composition course. Many instrument teachers have experience in composition and will be able to help in the particular work of those who play and compose.

Nicholas Isherwood: art direction, singing, musical theatre.
Abbie Conant: brass.
Roberto Fabbriciani: woodwinds.
Joëlle Léandre: strings.
Robyn Schulkowsky: percussion
Daan Vandewalle: piano
Olga Neuwirth: composition, musical theatre.
Gianmario Borio, Ingrid Pustijanac: musicology.

The Masterclass Exploratory: Venice new music courses, organised by the Institute for Music and Conservatorio "Benedetto Marcello" is addressed to young musicians (singers and instrumentalists) and composers. It will be held at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore and at the Conservatorio “Benedetto Marcello” in Venice from 24 to 31 July 2023.

The workshop is for 10 singers, 10 brass, 10 woods, 10 strings, 10 percussionists, 10 pianists and 8 composers
Applications must be sent by email at by 1 June 2023

A registration fee of 500 euros is required for participation to be paid (for students enrolled in the academic courses of the Conservatorio "Benedetto Marcello" the fee is 200 euros).

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