Cycling Through Cycles

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Composed by
Drew Flieder
bass clarinet, piano
With electronics
Work premiered
May 2019
Venue of the premiere
Hatch Recital Hall, Rochester (United States)
8 minutes

This composition employs a 'cycling through' approach in its structure, operating on two distinct levels. Firstly, it operates at the pitch level, where segments of pitch classes undergo iterative transformations until they return to their initial presentation. Secondly, it engages with how the musical material is articulated, encompassing elements like registration, dynamics, and specific musical attributes such as tremolo, repeated pitches, trills, and more, all contributing to the overall character of the music.

While the piece revisits the same material six times, each iteration stands in stark contrast to the others. As a result, listeners will notice the recurrence of certain musical phenomena, yet never the exact reappearance of the same musical event.

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