Sound Etude

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Composed by
Roman Smirnov
With electronics
Music and...
Real-time interaction, Improvisation, Sound spatialization
Work premiered
October 2020
Venue of the premiere
Air Gallery, Санкт-Петербург (Russia)
9 minutes

Sound Etude, 2020
Roman Smirnov
DIY devices, PureData, Reaper, Audacity
At first "Sound Etude" is part of the collective sound installation of the exhibition "Voices of Technobiocenoses", curated by Boris Shershenkov, is a 4-channel composition, the source samples for which were obtained using special diy-equipment, which helped to convert the electromagnetic and light signals of electrical equipment into sound.
The sources of initial signals were chosen as means of communication, which during the lockdown period became even more important for people - computer, internet router, smartphone, radio station.

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