Una red de mirada, el hombre y su dolerme

Composed by
alto (voice), baritone (voice), cello, flute, marimba, soprano (voice), tenor (voice), voice
With electronics
Work premiered
October 2019
Venue of the premiere
45 minutes

"Una red de mirada, el hombre y su dolerme" ( based on texts by Hugo Mujica) is a work that could be linked to oratorio, to experimental chamber opera, to lyrical drama, based on rhizomatic and metaphysical literary material.
Mujica's poetry embroiders philosophy and prayer, without being one or the other, nor ceasing to be one. The poet states: "A writer is one who knows how to listen to what life tells him. The basic thing in a creator is to listen, but not the word; the word comes later. When I was born I listened, and because I listened, the community could give me a word, a language, but the language came later. One is born as a listener, not as a speaker".

How do you write music from a poetics of silence, absence and what is not named?