Samorì. Studietto da Concerto 1.

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Composed by
Aurelio Samorì
Performed by
french horn
With electronics
2 minutes

Written in 1983, it's the first of 3 studies A.S. wrote for one of the leading horn player in Italy in the 70s: Renato Giuliani. in this work the technical capabilities of the horn,and especially on this 1st etude, the tonal nuances of the hand tecnique, are the main topic of the work. toghether with the other 2 etudes, this work expore the main possibilities of horn writing of that time in a "mainstream" aesthetics of italian composers of that time, influenced by Darmstadt advangardes, especially with Samorì, who studied with Stockhausen, Ligeti and Pousseur during his early formation. 

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