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justus raym
bass, drum set, electric piano, piano, voice
With electronics
Music and...
Visual arts
Real-time interaction, Improvisation, Computer assisted composition

Justus Raym's musical philosophy follows a certain set of rules or mantras, which he describes as "Movement = sanity Static=insanity". It is these phrases that are the inspiration behind the conception and drive of his work. On the forthcoming double EP titled BERLIN4SBASTARDS/EPILEPTIC, Justus explores two very different sides of his personality over eight beautiful, complex and enchanted musical pieces. BERLIN4SBASTARDS the first of two EP’s is described by Justus as “Looking Inside”. Here he shares his honest feelings and intimate experiences. He speaks about language as a system of communication and through his work analyses the difficulties and complexities faced through language being his main vessel to convey feelings and emotions.