Con mille fiori che sbocciano così belli

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Composed by
Takuya Imahori
full orchestra
With electronics
Work premiered
February 2019
Venue of the premiere
Kirchgemeindehaus Oekolampad, Basel (Switzerland)
20 minutes

Con mille fiori che sbocciano così belli
(With Thousand Flowers Coming Out Beautifully)
(Mit tausend Blumen, die so schön blühen)

Basel Sinfonietta
(cond.) Baldur Brönnimann
24. 2. 2019 Oekolampad Church, Basel, Switzerland
Basel Composition Competition 2019, received the 3rd Prize, 2 perc. Hp, Pf/Cel, Strings

I am always very interested to, influenced by, and impressed with plants, specially small flowers, and not on the commercial merchandise, but commonly seen on the filed, and in mountain, river side etc.
This piece has 11 sections as a form of variations. Each plants gave me an inspiration, as their form, or numbers of petals and leaves, etc.

Symphony orchestra