Voice Prints

Composed by
Helena Lopez Palma
baritone (voice), violin
With electronics
Work premiered
May 2017
9 minutes

Voice prints (VP) is a homage to our ancestors and the languages they used as tools to create and expand over large locations powerful civilisations. Where are our ancestors now? They are casted in infinite events created by our thoughts. We can hear the resonances of their voices in the roar of time. In VP the ancestors’ voices are articulated by the voice of a baritone (Afredo Garcia) and of a violin (Florian Vlashi) who melt their timbre in resonances of the words uttered by a distant father (a fundamental Bb tone and harmonics 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9). VP includes phonemes, words and sentences sung and spoken in Scythian, Greek, Celtic, Iberian, Ubykh, Albanian, Catalan, English, Galician, German, Spanish. 

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