Hello, my name is Alejandro Silva Diez. I am a venezuelan music composer living in La Plata, Argentina. I studied music composition in school and audiovisual arts. I came to Argentina to study a master degree in Music Creation, Traditional Arts and New Technologies in Universidad Tres de Febrero. I am currently finishing my dissertation.

I have a project named Del Siervo where I make ambient, electro acoustic, experimental music. I use electronic and organics instruments as well because I am very interested in nature and human-nature connection. I have released 4 Ep´s and one Lp. Last year (2023) I released an album named Jardines en El Cielo (Gardens in the Sky) where I take the indigenous cosmology of the Yanomami culture (Amazonia) as a main inspiration.

I love working with other people everytime I can. I have collaborated and worked in different projects with musicians and persons from other arts backgrounds like performance, installation and video artists.
As for a living, I make music and sound design for media. I have done music and sound for one film, 2 kids t.v. series, several indie video games and many podcasts and youtube channels.