Nina Corti (QOA) creates immersive sonic experiences, multichannel installations, and visual works. She studied Electronic Arts at UNTREF (Argentina) and holds a diploma in Expanded Music from UNSAM. She is a researcher at the National University of the Arts in the project "Body Politics and Feminist Poetics from the Southern South in the 21st Century" (2021-2023) and in the PICTO-UNA project "Expanded Visual Arts and Feminisms. Emancipatory Strategies of the Present from the Southern South" (2023-2025) at the University of the Arts (Argentina). Their research focuses on the relationship between body, sound, and space.

With their solo project Qoa, she releases music on various labels (Aural Canyon, Krut Records, Fluere Tapes) and performs at festivals such as Mutek Argentina, San Francisco & Japan, CCK, and the Buenos Aires Planetarium. Nina also creates installations that have been featured at the Oi Futuro Museum (Brazil), Andreani Foundation, SUR Biennial, MACRO Museum (Argentina), Agora Collective (Berlin), and Flux Factory (NY, USA).

Qoa is a part of the AMPLIFY Digital Arts Initiative (Amplify D.A.I), an international network of artists from Argentina, Canada, Peru, and the United Kingdom, supported by Mutek and the British Council. This year, she was one of the eight Latin American artists selected for Nicolas Jaar's Ladridos project. They is a member of the Gamelan Club, a collective focused on experimental sound, training, and experimental lutherie through the fusion of Indonesian music for which they also compose. Her upcoming album "Sauco" will soon be released under the Leaving Records label in Los Angeles.