EÑE is a digital multimedia artist originating from Mexico City, whose work critically examines the dynamic interplay between technology and societal structures. Utilizing digital tools as artistic instruments and as conduits for critical inquiry, EÑE navigates through the complexities of modern existence, exploring themes of contradiction, cliché, ambiguity, and the often-neglected realms of invisibility and the occult. His discipline spans an array of mediums, including music, digital art, textual narratives, and interactive sound installations, each underscoring his commitment to innovation and exploratory inquiry.

Currently, EÑE is dedicated to further exploring the nexus between technology and art, with a particular focus on the implications of cyborgs, virtual avatars, and the pervasive influence of technology in society. His work persistently challenges conventional boundaries within digital multimedia, inviting a reevaluation of our collective engagement with digital technologies and their impact on contemporary culture.