Graduate of the Saratov State Conservatoire (Academy) (Saratov, Russia, 2022).
PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics (2022).
Member of the Composers Union of Russia (2022).

The compositions were performed by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, MolOt-Ensemble, Studio for New Music, Dmitry Pokrovsky Ensemble, Festino chamber choir, conductor Fyodor Lednev, etc.

He had individual lessons with Klaus Lang (Austria), Januibe Tejera (Brazil, France), Deqing Wen (China, Switzerland), Mark Andre, Sergey Nevsky, Sarah Nemtsov, Oliver Schneller (Germany), Michael Pizaro (USA), Blais Ubaldini (Switzerland), Olga Bochikhina, Vladimir Gorlinsky, Nikolai Popov, Vladimir Rannev, Alexei Sysoev, Alexander Khubeev, Nikolai Khrust (Russia), etc.

Key projects:
• Video game opera “The World of Wondrous Rooms” for voice and electronics (Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia, 2024)
• Author of the music of the documentary-philosophical cantata “The Restorer” for reader, male choir, gusli and electronics (organizer by theater association “Zavod”, Suzdal, Russia, 2023)
• One of the authors of the music for the ballet “The Idiot” of the Evgeniy Panfilov Ballet Theater (Perm, Russia, 2022)
• One of the authors and lecturers of the Interactive musical lecture “At the Frequencies of Arbitrariness”, dedicated to trends in contemporary music (organizers by ROSIZO, Saratov, Russia, 2018-2019)

The winner in national and international contests:
• Winner of the IV Moscow Art Prize (3rd place in the “Music” category, Moscow, Russia, 2023)
• Winner of the Follow My Score competition by Score Follower (USA, 2023)
• Laureate of the “Notes and Quotas” program for composer orders of the Union of Composers of Russia (2023)
• International Composers Competition “New Music Generation” (3rd degree laureate, 2021; Diploma laureate, 2023, Kazakhstan)
• International Competition of Composers and Arrangers named after I.O. Dunaevsky (twice 1st degree laureate, Moscow, Russia, 2022, 2023)

Participant of educational programs:
• ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week (Sansepolcro, Italy, 2024)
• “Franco Donatoni” International Meeting for Young Composers (Milan, Italy, 2024)
• “Experimental Sound and Multimedia Technologies” by the studio (Moscow, Russia, 2022-2023).
• “Modern Opera” and “Instrumental Theater” at the Talim Higher School of Music (Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2023).
• XI International Academy of Young Composers in Tchaikovsky City (Russia, 2021)
• “Composers Readings” in Kazan (2019), Moscow (2020) and Nizhny Novgorod (2021) by the Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble and Composers Union of Russia

Participant of the festivals:
• (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2021, 2023). Reading with ensemble recherche (2021)
• Five Evenings festival of the Union of Composers of Russia (Moscow, Russia, 2022)
• Sound Ways (St. Petersburg, Russia, 2023)
• Biomechanics (Moscow, Russia, 2024)
• The Sounding House of Sofia by the Sofia Gubaidulina Center (Kazan, Russia, 2023)
• Sound 59 (Perm, Russia, 2021)

Publication of scores:
• Universal Edition (Vienna, Austria, 2023)
• T.U.X. People's Music Publishing (Denton, TX, USA, 2019, 2022)