Gökçe Türkoğlu is a composer currently enrolled as a second-year Masters student at Istanbul Technical University Advances Studies in Music and she specializes in contemporary music composition.

Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey; she began her music education at the age of four by studying classical piano and music theory in Istanbul Terakki School’s Music Department. She continued her piano lessons with Istanbul State Opera pianist Hale Asrak. At the same time, she studied French in Lycée Français Notre Dame de Sion Istanbul. During her studies in high school, she took University of West London Piano Examinations and successfully completed Grade 7 in Piano with a Merit. Since she believed that studying Western Music is not enough to be a composer and musician entirely, she studied Turkish Traditional Music at Turkish Radio Television Istanbul Radio, her concentration area was vocal and choir music and she graduated successfully. By that time, she began composing music for small ensembles and electronics.

As Bachelors, she studied Economics in Galatasaray University which is the only French-Turkish university in Turkey while continuing working on her compositions. She studied music technologies with Berklee College of Music Alumni, Doruk Somunkıran in order to gain knowledge in computer based composition and production softwares. By these years, she began composing original music for short independent films.

Even when doing these, she continues as a full-time worker in Universal Music Publishing Group as a Synchronization Specialist in order to sustain her life and gain knowledge regarding music licensing.

Deciding to pursue a career in music composition and be an established composer, Gökçe applied at Istanbul Technical University Advances Studies in Music in 2020. There, she met Rome Prize winner American-Turkish composer Prof.Dr. Kamran İnce who also teaches in Memphis University Composition Department and still studies with him. Simultaneously, in order to improve her skills in electroacoustic/acousmatic music composition, she studied Computer Aided Composition, MaxMSP and Mix Music with Assist. Prof. Dr. Emmanouil Ekmektsoglou.

Her works were performed by Istanbul based contemporary music community, Hezarfen Ensemble and recorded in Istanbul Technical University MIAM Studio. Her concentration field and career goal is to work in Mix Composition area including spectral music and musique concrète instrumentale. Presently, she pursues a research on her Masters thesis which briefly concerns transcribing synthesis techniques into instrumental music as a composition methodology.