I compose mixed, electroacoustic and instrumental pieces.

I have worked with various instrumental ensembles such as Multilatérale, Sillages, 2e2m, Ars Nova, Court-Circuit and Accroche Note.

In September 2022, I began a two-year artistic and pedagogical residency with the Ensemble Intercontemporain, and am also one of the associate artists of the Soundinitiative ensemble.

In April/May 2023, I completed a creation and transmission residency in the Réunion Island with Ateliers Médicis.

I'm particularly interested in the musicalization of sound objects that are highly influenced by our daily lives and by the context in which they are produced and recorded. This can take the form of field recording.
Musical theater and societal issues are also at the heart of my artistic explorations. 
I also hold a Master's degree in research and creation from the University of Paris 8, during which I focused my research on the notion of listening and the soundscape.

Transmission being an integral part of my practice, I am currently in charge of a computer improvisation workshop for students in Philippe Mion's acousmatic composition class at the Conservatoire de Vitry-Sur-Seine. I also teach sound creation for the Lycée Carnot's students in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) with the CRR93.

I also improvise with my voice, synthesizers and computer.

I also worked for a year as a sound engineer for a contemporary art radio station, which gave me a taste for sound recording, but also for podcast-type formats.