I have always experienced music as a journey that allows you to move through space and time.  Music has allowed me to study things that have been known for centuries and to explore the unknown, as well as entering the world of body and mind health. My first approach to music has been a classical one, starting as a child and completing a violin performance Bachelor's degree at the P. Mascagni Institute of Leghorn. Training as a musictherapist has allowed me to improve my creative thinking, to appreciate more interpersonal relationships and to increase my musical communication through improvised music. The experience of working with people in need has led me to discover and work with music without structures, to understand music as the elaboration of the unconscious and to evaluate its more functional aspect. After a Master's in Music and New Technologies and many travels, I am now researching, in a practice-based PhD at the University of Huddersfield, daily concrete sounds, their meaning and use thorugh audio-visual composition.