Composer, vocalist, and improvisor SARAH GRACE GRAVES explores complex, unnamed emotions through the embodiment of physical sensation. In delving into sensation as a core musical parameter, she often collaborates closely with other vocalists. Her voice duos seek to explore the vocal anomalies she has in common with her collaborators. Night Vision (2019), created with vocalist Niki Lada, explores the dramatic potential of different levels of vocal turbulence; Both/And (2018), a collaboration with countertenor Andrew Joseph Leggett, examines the anonymity found in extremes of vocal register.

Sarah Grace sees her instrumental writing as an opportunity to explore voice and body from an outside view. Her percussion duo SIWONAS (2019), written for Radical 2’s Dennis Sullivan and Levy Lorenzo for their residency at CNMAT, breathes life into drums using transducers and flashlights.

As a performer, Sarah Grace draws on her background as a composer and improvisor to choose the right sound for each moment, navigate vivid sound worlds, and deliver interpretations that feel spontaneous, natural, and complete. Recent engagements include a voice duo set with Cecilia Engelhart (2020), a multi-instrumental trio set with Mitch Stallman and Nayoung Jung (2019), and the film The Evolutionary Traits of Birds (2020), in which she created and voiced the language of a mythical society of Elk-men.

Sarah Grace has performed at Westben, N.E.O. Voice Festival, San Marino, IlSuono, Nief-Norf, Madeira Residency, and New Music on the Point. She studies voice with Nicholas Isherwood.