Luca Ricci (*1992) studied flute, musicology and composition in Italy. Moving beyond 20th Century European post-avant-garde, he looks for a synthesis between pitch-based composition and sound sculpture: his technique of “sonic shaping” rethinks the Italian poly-vocal heritage (from Monteverdi to Federico Incardona), turning the expressive power of linear “polyphony” into “multiphony”. Half academic and half self-taught, he developed his syncretic approach by confronting with many different personalities: Riccardo Dapelo, Carlo Alessandro Landini, Aureliano Cattaneo, Stefano Gervasoni, Alessandro Solbiati, Claudio Ambrosini, Gabriele Manca, Dario Buccino and Ivan Fedele. His works are programmed by various institutions and ensembles: Festival Pontino, Teatro La Fenice of Venezia, Orchestra of Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Milano Musica, Auditorium Parco della Musica (Roma), GMEM-CNCM Marseille, Italian Cultural Institute of Berlin, HMDK Stuttgart, Mozarteum Salzburg, Philharmonie de Paris, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, University of Haifa, Ex Novo Ensemble, Divertimento Ensemble, Mdi Ensemble, Collettivo_21. Finalist in the competitions "Unique Forms of Continuity in Space" (Kyoto) and "Donald Aird" (USA), he won the XXV International Competition "2 August" of Bologna, the Composition Prize of Milano Conservatory, the "Breaking Music Composition Competition 2020" and the first prize at III International Composers Competition "New Music Generation 2021" (Kazakhstan).