Clara Saleiro is a flutist specialized in the interpretation of contemporary music who loves the constant new experiences and challenges that music brings to her life.

She’s interested in the creative process of pieces and performances, the possible interactions between interpreter and composer and between music and other artistic areas, the symbiosis with electronic music and digital technology, and the interpretation of notated music as well as improvisation.

As the founding member of Noviga Projekto with Manuel Alcaraz (percussion), and of AUS project with Peyee Chen (soprano) and Lucía Pérez (cello), as well as flutist since 2016 of Vertixe Sonora Ensemble (Spain), she debuts every year dozens of pieces from composers with whom she works directly and participates at several international music festivals. No sopro do vento (wind blowing) is the most recent interdisciplinary project in which she is involved. This project combines Clara's interpretation, creation and musical improvisation with contemporary dance and the exploration of different circus techniques by Joana Martins. Clara collaborates regularly with ensembles, orchestras and different chamber music groups.

Clara began to play the flute when she was eight years old at Academia de Música S. Pio X de Vila do Conde, in her hometown in Portugal. Throughout her musical career she studied at renowned institutions of Portugal such as Artave, ANSO-Metropolitana and Universidade de Aveiro. Additionally, she completed a master’s degree at Royal Academy of Music in London, specialized in contemporary music at the flute studio of Stephanie Wagner (Remix Ensemble), and most recently completed postgraduate studies in contemporary music at Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria), with the Klangforum Wien. These days she’s studying improvisation at the Interferência’ courses.

The current season includes her participation at the Lucerne Festival Academy, at the festivals DME, VIII MIHL Sons-XXI, Circular, Guimarães Jazz, Hörsturm, and in concerts in Austria, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

Updated: Novembro 2020