Spanning art, technology and science, Victoria Pham is an Australian artist, evolutionary biologist, writer and composer. She is based between Paris and Sydney. She is a current PhD candidate in Biological Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, St John's College, holding the Cambridge International Scholarship. As a composer she has studied with Carl Vine, Richard Gill, Liza Lim and Thierry Escaich. She is represented by the Australian Music Centre as an Associate Artist.

Pham has been exhibited and commissioned by a number of institutions like TATE Britain, the AGNSW, Anna Schwartz Gallery, and Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, amongst others. She has featured in festivals from VIVID to BLEED. Pham is currently the Artistic Director of FABLE ARTS and is the host for the music podcast, DECLASSIFY. Her artistic practice has garnered funding support from Create NSW, the Australia Arts Council and Arts Council England. As a writer, she has contributed to publications such as Kill Your Darlings, Runway Journal, Parallel Conversations and Decolonial Hacker.

As a scientist, her scientific specialisation is in archaeo-acoustic technology and evolution of music. Supported by the Cambridge Trust as an International Scholar, she is a current PhD candidate for Biological Anthropology where she seeks to expand her interdisciplinary work into a broader exploration of acoustic perception (and its relation to the neurological and cultural evolution of language and music) as a basis into modes of bio-acoustic material development and construction.

Her musical and artistic practice is driven by explorations into the sonic connections across nature, decolonisation and cross-cultural identities. The hallmark of her interdisciplinary practice is her belief that a partnership with Nature is fundamental as a foundation and collaborator to her design, research and sound-based work. Victoria continues to pursue her work in biological design through listening deeply to Nature, and continues research into bioacoustics and mycology which inform the cross-form approaches that structure her creative process.