Andrés Pacheco (1987) Freelance Trombone Player and Trombone Teacher Born in Villacañas- Toledo (Spain), Andres started playing trombone when he was 10 in the Villacañas- Toledo School of Music. After continuing his music studies in Toledo and Madrid, he finished his Undergraduate Degree in Music Performance in the Royal Conservatoire of Madrid with E. Cotoli and he started a Master Degree in Music Performance in Glasgow in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with Simon Johnson and John Kenny (2010). He has played and he plays in different orchestras in Spain like the National Youth Orchestra of Spain, the National Orchestra of Spain, the Verum Symphony Orchestra (Ciudad Real), the Madrid Region Symphony Orchestra and he played in The Varas Trombone Quartet during two years. Now, he is more interested in performing contemporary music because he thinks it is an excellent way to improve his music skills and being more conscious with the current music. Among the works he performs he includes always spanish composers works for trombone or trombone alone and trombone and electronics but he also plays works from international composers. Because of that, he thinks that projects like the Ulysses Platform are a fantastic way to develop his career in contemporary music.