Phivos-Angelos Kollias is a composer researcher specialising in innovative interactive music technologies for mixed music performances and virtual reality experiences. His music background is rooted in instrumental classical studies and with a PhD in interactive electronic music.

Kollias’ music & sound creation is related with different forms of interaction with the listener: whether this is a music piece with classical instruments & electronics, interacting with the listener’s active perception; whether it is an VR/music interactive installation, interacting with the active participation of the listener; whether it is an electronic game, playing along with the music interactions of the gamer; or it is a film interacting and affecting the viewers emotional states. The listener becomes the central focal point, invited to participate actively with her perception.

He has studied composition in England (MA: City University, London & BA: Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge) and France (PhD & MA: Université de Paris 8; Concervatoire de Boulogne: DEA) with the support of four foundations (including Onassis foundation & Megaron-Athens Concert Hall). He has received seven awards and eight nominations for his music in several international competitions and another eight collaborative international awards and nominations. His works have been performed in more than twenty countries in more than seventy concerts. He has studied composition with H. Vaggione, J. L. Hervé, Y. Maresz, J. M. López López, R. Hoadley and R. Samuel. He has taken master classes from leading figures as H. Lachenmann, G. Aperghis, B. Furrer, T. Murail, P. Ablinger, P. Hurel, M. Lanza, U. Chin, O. Strasnoy, A. Hölszky, C. Gadenstätter, L. Naón and A. Di Scipio.

Kollias most recent project collaborations include: music VR installations Proper Motion (2020), Symphony of Noise (2019) and FantaVentura (2019); interactive music installation Dell CinemaSound Orchestra (2018), VR installation Monk by the Sea (2018), Video El Hijo (2020) Music Video Game Impossible Bottles (2020).