Masterclass with Laura Bersani "The four flutes"

Sat Feb 10 to Sun Feb 11
Cavalli Musica, Castrezzato (Italy)
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Masterclass with Laura Bersani for composers and performers, structured over a weekend.
From flute in C to piccolo, from flute in G to bass flute. The contemporary repertoire is an excellent field for deepening the four instruments, in search of a common denominator that facilitates the transition from one to the other, maintaining their peculiarities and favouring their coexistence.

Several pieces of repertoire will be proposed, some of which can be easily transferred between the different instruments, in order to grasp the structural differences and to improve and refine one's method of study, approaching the contemporary repertoire. Various aspects of extended techniques will be addressed, highlighting their differences and resources on each instrument and decoding the various types of scripts and symbols used in contemporary notation.
Particular attention will be devoted to an in-depth study of some scores by Berio, Sciarrino, Romitelli and Hosokawa.
Contemporary Classical Music
extended technique
Young Composers