New Music For Guitar II

Electric Guitar Masterclass and Workshop with Composers Tom Pauwels, Pierluigi Billone


Submission period

Mon Jan 16 at 05AM UTC

End of submission period

Sun Feb 19 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Mon Feb 27 at 05PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

Course fee 400 €
13-18 July 2023

The masterclass is aimed at young guitarists with a passion for the most recent music, in all its stylistic diversity. Consequently, it is equally possible to work on music that is strictly notated, half-written, based on text-instructions or involves aspects of improvisation (on electric and/or classical guitar). With individual attention for technical, musical and scenic aspects the aim is to create awareness of how to relate yourself to the audience, fellow musicians, the programmer, the society at large.

An integral part of the course is the New Music For Guitar workshop, consisting in the creation of new works for solo guitar, written by young composers who are participating in the same workshop and Pierluigi Billone’s composition masterclass – taking place in the same days. Tom Pauwels and Pierluigi Billone will assist students in this creation process, paying particular attention to communication of musical ideas through notation, the dynamic-creative role a performer can play while exploring new paths and collective reflection on performance modalities (space, context, presentation, communication).

The new guitar works will be presented in a final concert by Foresty International Music Festival, with live recording (audio and video). A further professional studio recording of the new pieces – for those who’re interested – will be made during the last day of the masterclass, which will be given to each composer and guitarist and (by prior agreement with them) published on the social pages and website of CdM San Michele and Foresty International Music Festival.

Details are available at web pages: