Le Phare à Lucioles 2021-2022 Residencies

Call for applications


Submission period

Tue Jun 8 at 4 AM UTC

End of submission period

Wed Jun 30 at 10:59 PM UTC

Results date

Sat Jul 31 at 4 PM UTC
Established in Sault in Mont Ventoux for more than 15 years, Le Phare à Lucioles is the company of the composer, musician and sound artist Loïc Guénin, dedicated to contemporary writing. Recently, the company moved to its new premises, Le M! [lieu], an old college from the 19th century in the heart of the town. Undergoing full rehabilitation, this place offers work, research and creation spaces, a private apartment and outdoor spaces.

This residency is intended for solo artists wishing to benefit from a stay from 5 to 20 consecutive days to write, think, reflect, experiment and/or create. The main theme is ARTS / WRITINGS / LANDSCAPES. All the arts can be represented, as well as scientific research, sociology or philosophy.

This residency time will be fully intended for the resident’s project. She/he can organize her/his work as she/he likes. We do not require any public open session or work presentation at the residency end. Nevertheless, the artists who want to benefit from such a moment can let us know.

The residency might also be the opportunity to meet Sault schoolchildren, merchant and inhabitants, and to carry out projects with them. Particular attention will be paid to the potential mediation guidelines suggested.


This residency is open to any solo and professional artist / scientist / researcher, who is at least 18 years old.
The residency will be formalized with a residency contract and a residency grant.

The residency will last from 5 to 20 consecutive days, and must take place during one of these periods:
- From October 11th to 30th 2021;
- From November 08th to 27th 2021;
- From February 14th to March 05th 2022;
- From June 06th to 25th 2022.

Le Phare à Lucioles will provide the artist with a workspace corresponding as far as possible to her/his needs, as well as an apartment. Access to the workspaces will be in cooperation with the M![lieu] technical manager.

The artist will receive a residency grant, which includes residency costs, travels costs and per diem. Its amount will depend on the residency length: 350€ for 5 days, 700€ for 10 days, 1 050€ for 15 days, 1 400€ for 20 days.


Your application must be a single pdf document, entitled RES_MILIEU.22_CANDIDATE NAME. It must include:
- A single page with your names, first names, nationality, address, phone, email, website and a little biography (1 page maximum);
- A presentation of your artistic or scientific approach, and of the potential mediation workshops guidelines, if appropriate (1 page maximum);
- Maximum two weblinks showing relevant extracts of your work;
- Number of residency days you are applying for, as well as your availabilities during the 4 periods mentioned above.

This application must be sent to assistante.production@pharealucioles.org in an e-mail titled like your pdf document, before June 30th, 2021.

Please contact : Danaé Guilbot, assistante.production@pharealucioles.org

Details are available at web pages: