IMPRONTA ENSEMBLE International Composition Competition – 3rd edition


Submission period

Wed Jul 5 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Sun Oct 15 at 10:59PM UTC

Results date

Thu Nov 30 at 05PM UTC

Entry or Course Fee

First entry 55 €, followig ones 25 €
Impronta is a 2012-founded German-Italian ensemble based in Mannheim, that has already established itself as a leading group devoted to the promotion of contemporary music.

Impronta has already participated in renowned festivals such as “oggimusica”, the most important festival for contemporary music in the Italian Switzerland or the most important Hungarian festival for contemporary music “Contemporary Art Festival Budapest”, as well as in renowned venues such as the LAC, the new auditorium in Lugano, the BMC (Budapest Music Center) or the Yamaha Concert Hall in Vienna.


1. The competition is open to composers of all ages and nationalities, without restrictions of gender, ideas, religious affiliation etc.
2. The competition theme is the composition of a piece involving the following instruments (from the solo instrument to the entire ensemble):

- Piano – one player
- Clarinet in Bb, in A (doubling Bass Clarinet) – one player
- Flute – descending to B with open holes (doubling Piccolo, Bass Flute, Alto Flute in G) – one player
- 2 violins
- 1 viola
- 1 cello

3. The duration of the piece must not exceed 10 minutes. There are no minimum duration limits.
4. The piece may have already been performed and published.
5.. There are no style limitations. The jury will evaluate the musical quality and originality of the writing.

PRIZES: 1500 € + performance + possibility of publication by Edition-Impronta


Clemens Gadenstätter, composer, professor of composition in Graz (AUSTRIA), president of the jury
Frédéric Durieux, composer, professor of composition in Paris - CNSM (FRANCE)
Andreas Luca Beraldo, principal conductor and founder of Impronta Ensemble and of Impronta Edition (ITALY / GERMANY)
Jeanne Vogt, principal violin and co-founder of Impronta Ensemble and of Impronta Edition (FRANCE / GERMANY)


There is an entry fee of 55 EUR for the first work. Additional entries may be submitted for 25 EUR each. Each composer can submit up to 5 works.

DEADLINE: 15 October 2023

Details are available at web pages: