Efferent Verb: Voices, Vol. I


Submission period

Tue May 23 at 04AM UTC

End of submission period

Sat Jul 8 at 03:59AM UTC

Results date

Thu Aug 31 at 04PM UTC
Efferent Verb: Voices, Vol. I is a project developed in partnership with the New York Virtuoso Singers, aimed at promoting contemporary choral music and selected composers working in this genre.

Applicants are required to submit a cappella mixed choir works that are up to ten minutes long. The project is open to composers of all genders, nationalities, and countries of residence who are at least 18 years old.

To enter, applicants must submit their work, along with a brief biography and an explanation of the inspiration behind their music and creative process, to info@efferentverb.com. The title of the email sent must be “Submission for Efferent Verb: Voices, Vol. I.”

The submission period for Efferent Verb: Voices, Vol. I begins on May 7th and closes on July 7th. Applicants will have an additional week to submit their application following the deadline. Efferent Verb and New York Virtuoso Singers will evaluate the submissions and select around eight composers to sign contracts with them.

Selected composers will also be entitled to receive author’s royalties for the concert once it’s recorded and broadcast. They will also receive high-quality recordings of the concert and their composition’s performances, allowing them to enhance their portfolio and showcase their skills to potential clients. Efferent Verb promises to work closely with the winners to prepare for the upcoming performance, including coordinating and rehearsing with the performers. After the concert, we will offer selected composers the chance to collaborate with us on future projects and concerts worldwide.

For inquiries and more information about Efferent Verb: Voices, Vol. I project, kindly contact us. We welcome suggestions and sponsorship to further the development of academic choral music.


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