Resonant Piano Experience

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Composed by
Performed by
prepared piano
With electronics
Real-time interaction
Work premiered
February 2019
Venue of the premiere
PIANOLAB Madrid, Madrid (Spain)
65 minutes

Resonant Piano Experience is a group of pieces that articulate the sonic architecture of the Resonant Piano using live electronics to generate sound objects not at all distant from sound sculpture. Objects intended to occupy space—the volume of a well-defined architectural setting— they contain matter and emptiness, and their shapes change if we move through space or remain over time. Using a language that is not necessar- ily musical, they seek a connection with the perceptual mechanisms that trigger emotion, thus generating movement within us.
The location of the objects in this disk depends neither on chronol- ogy nor on their belonging to a particular group of works; instead, their order serves to foster the evolution of the listener’s capacity to listen.

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