Stars, you witness everything

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Composed by
soprano (voice)
With electronics
Work premiered
May 2022
Venue of the premiere
Dublin (Ireland)
7 minutes

This opera is based on the true history of the Japanese War of Aggression against China (1931-1945). During the war, the Japanese army instigated the so-called “comfort women system”, these women, like military horses, military dogs, and weapons and ammunition, became an indispensable “military product” for the Japanese army, but they were not allowed to be numbered and their information was not allowed to be saved or filed either.
This opera is a fictionalised account, based on the real experiences of these women, of a victim, Lian, who survived the war, and the situations of different phases in her life. This aria is her inner monologue after being abused and locked in a dark room. She had no one to talk to, only the stars......