10 Hours of Pikachu Fountain HD (NO LOOP)

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Composed by
Tobias Pfeil
With electronics
Music and...
Computer assisted composition
Work premiered
April 2021
Venue of the premiere
The Internet Car Lot, Omaha (United States)
600 minutes


In public spaces, fountains often serve both functional and esthetic purposes.
Metaphorically speaking, the regulated flow of a medium (water, Pikachus) within a structure could be seen as an artificial microcosm reflecting the cyclic nature of change.

10 Hours of Pikachu Fountain HD (NO LOOP) is a fountain situated in a virtual public space. This video page may be a spot for exchanging thoughts and observations with strangers, for reflections and meditation, for nostalgia, for zoning out or just for passing through on the way to another destination. It could also be a prop on a screen accompanying any given real-life situation.

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