Voice for the Voiceless: Women (contemporary classical recital)

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Performed by
soprano (voice)
With electronics
Work premiered
July 2019
Venue of the premiere
Old First Concerts, San Francisco (United States)
90 minutes

A recital of contemporary classical music featuring voices of the feminist movement: allies, youth, women around the world, pop culture, & activists.

Voice for the Voiceless is a curated program celebrating women of different stages of life, backgrounds, and social status. The program features music in 6 different languages, a growing selection of commissions, as well as two sets of carefully curated music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Through the intimacy of recital, depth of viewpoints presented in each song, and a layout which moves from questions of our past towards answers of tomorrow, singer and curator Chelsea Hollow aims to spark conversations inspiring progress and collective growth.