Io nel pensier mi fingo

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bass clarinet, bass flute, cello, flute, piano, violin
With electronics
Work premiered
December 2019
5 minutes

FontanaMIX Ensemble

Francesco La Licata – Conductor

The work is inspired by one of the most famous poems of Giacomo Leopardi, "Infinito", for the occasion of celebrating bicentenary of the poem's creation. Here, the poet imagines himself sitting at the foot of a hedge on a solitary hill: he observes beyond the hedge and imagines ("Io nel pensier mi fingo", eng. translation "I imagine in my mind") the infinity of space and the eternity of time, in a suggestive whirlwind of images in which the thought is lost. The composer describes the imaginative state of the poet and the swirling succession of images, thoughts and emotions, to the point of describing the state of ecstasy that follows.