Take my breath away (for flute & piano)

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Composed by
Tim Mulleman
flute, piano
With electronics
Work premiered
March 2018
6 minutes

What is it that we call ‘breathtaking’? Usually we say this of something that thrills us. Unfortunately, there’s more in life that
could ‘take our breath away’, such as violence of any kind.

This piece was commissioned by Natalia Jarząbek (flute, Poland) and Emmy Wils (piano, Belgium) to
commemorate 100 years of Polish independency. The end of World War I and thus the destruction of
its neighbouring powers allowed Poland to remerge after more than a century of oppression. Indeed,
for 123 years the Polish people’s breath was brutally taken away.

Furthermore, Natalia’s Infinity Project focuses on the use of circular breathing, a technique rarely
mastered by flutists.