For forty-one years the great pianists have brought their experience, their knowledge and their art to the now famous Ricci concert-conferences, explaining the reasons for the music and their interpretation, accompanying the listeners by the hand in the maze of the composition, then giving unforgettable interpretations of the masterpieces just explained.

The most beautiful names of international concertism have alternated, from the memorable speeches by Carlo Zecchi and Vincenzo Vitale to Alexander Lonquich, Jörg Demus, Bruno Canino, Grigory Sokolov, Michele Campanella, Laura De Fusco, Boris Petrushansky, Roberto Cappello, Paolo Bordoni, Konstantin Bogino, Dario De Rosa, Anna Kravtchenko, Riccardo Risaliti, Benedetto Lupo, Mikhail Rudy, Beatrice Rana. The most famous musicologists, such as Piero Rattalino, Guido Salvetti, Lorenzo Arruga, have been involved and important orchestras have played, from the Hermitage of Saint Petersburg to the Orchestra of Padua and Veneto, the Salzburger Solisten and the Soloists of Milan, the Orchestra of Olympic Theater of Vicenza, the Istropolitan Chapel of Bratislava. Without forgetting the young talents and the winners of major international competitions.

Specialization courses were also held, with some rarities for the time of the foundation, the one on historical instruments (with fortepiano from the great collection of Maestro Demus) that of the famous duo Franco Gulli - Enrica Cavallo or that on the role of the piano in music from room.

Scholarships were set up for the students of the "Jacopo Tomadini" Conservatory of music and there was also a qualified publishing activity, with the enhancement of composers from Friuli Venezia Giulia (Piero Pezzè, Mario Montico and Aldo Michelini stand out) and a volume on the history of Tomadini.

Alongside the series of conferences-concerts, the International Chamber Music Festival was founded. The festival is itinerant and involves not only Udine and its province, but also Gorizia and Trieste and their territory.

The Ricci Academy was awarded at the "Moret d’aur 1998" for "having contributed with its activities to the growth of the image of Friuli".

The Academy of Piano Studies "Antonio Ricci", organizes the INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPOSITION ANTONIO SMAREGLIA dedicated to the famous composer and specialized in compositions for piano and piano and voice.
The president of the Ricci Academy is the pianist Flavia Brunetto