The center of gravity for concert music of the 21st Century is becoming more fluid. New talents are beginning to be recognized not just in the Western hemisphere, but all around the world. Rapid globalization has made it easier than ever to collaborate with artists on the other side of our globe. However, there still exists linguistic, cultural, and technical barriers.

Tesselat is committed to the organization, promotion, and production of new music concerts around the world, with each concert performed by a renowned local ensemble / musician. Our Call for Scores is intended for us to engage with the young, emerging composers of the concert region.

Tesselat was founded by Jean-Patrick Besingrand and Chatori Shimizu in 2018. The newly formed composers’ collective aims to promote diverse styles in the music of today. We are proud to have composers from eight different countries, currently based in nine different cities across Asia, Europe, and North America.